Carolina Iara, co-councilwoman of PSOL, suffers an attempt of attack in São Paulo. We demand investigation, now!

Carolina Iara, co-councilwoman of the PSOL in São Paulo elected in 2020 by the Feminist Front, suffered an attack this morning from Tuesday to Wednesday (27). Two shots were fired into Carol’s house.

Both she and her family are fine, and no one was injured in another episode of political violence against a black, transsexual and intersex woman who was elected to represent the people of São Paulo in the City Hall next to the Feminist Front.

Urgent security measures were taken throughout this Wednesday (27) and the Report is being held this same afternoon at the Police Station for the Protection of the Person.

Images obtained by a security camera show a white car, with darkened glass, stopped in front of the councilwoman’s house for approximately 3 minutes, between 2:07 a.m. and 2:10 a.m. Neighbors confirm that this was the time of the sound of the shots heard.

“We demand immediate investigation, because we cannot allow a black, transsexual woman to be silenced with violence. Fascists will not pass!”, the Feminist Front divulged in repudiation of the attack committed against one of its members.

The Feminist Front had the 7th largest vote in the city of São Paulo in the 2020 municipal elections, with 46,267 votes, and is one of the 6 PSOL parliamentary mandates elected in the country’s largest metropolis. The collective mandate is represented, besides Carolina Iara, by Silvia Ferraro, Paula Nunes, Dafne Sena and Natália Chaves.