March 8th: Transfrontiers against all violence

Via Insurgência

From our diverse feminisms, intertwined and strengthened by our cross-border connection, we call on all women, lesbian, transgender, genderqueer, intersex, migrant, indigenous, black and Afro-descendant, for the 8M 2021 global feminist strike.

With our strike, we want to connect the struggles and rebellions we are building and all the feminist, transfeminist, and anti-patriarchal struggles that have taken place around the world in recent months, so that our collective voice can resonate globally, challenging the limits that the pandemic puts on us.

We don’t want to go back to normal because normality was the problem. We have said that we will not pay for the global economic crisis with our bodies and territories. It is remarkable how the neoliberal management of the pandemic intensifies systematic violence against women, LGBTQI people, in addition to colonial and racist oppression.

Now we want to show even more our collective power, so that the plurality of our experiences, struggles and rebellions strengthen, connect and expand across borders, configuring the feminist strike process that allows us to make visible and remove ourselves from the patriarchal, racist, capitalist and colonial organization of our societies.

While we have created networks of support, solidarity, and self-defense to stem the rise in domestic violence, we have not stopped fighting and denouncing sexist and gender-based violence.

While we work on the front lines in hospitals, schools, factories, cleaning services, and while in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities we continue to do domestic and care work, we do not stop the feminist strike process.

While we continue to cross borders to provide the labor needed to secure the food chain and care services in exchange for a miserable wage, we do not stop denouncing institutional racism and demanding a residence permit that allows us to have a dignified life.

While in indigenous communities we guarantee the reproduction of life through collective schemes to confront the pandemic, we do not stop defending territories from extractive attack and militarization.

While there are fronts of war and conflict, like the Kurdish and the Palestinian, we continue our solidarity networks, we don’t stop our feminist and anti-imperialist revolution, and we demand freedom for any and all political prisoners.

While health has been managed individually and corporately, we have not stopped highlighting the differences in social and material conditions of access to health, of class and race, of gender, deepening feminist, autonomous forms of collective and community health, and we fight for free, safe and free abortion.

In recent years, we have managed to create a global feminist movement, capable of making the feminist perspective crosscutting all social movements, as shown by the struggles of Black Lives Matters in the US, those of #EndSars against police brutality in Nigeria, and those that are shaking up fascist and conservative governments around the world from the south, as they did in Bolivia, Peru, and Chile.

Instead of surrendering to the individualization and the attack on our bodies, plots, territories, and ecosystems that the neoliberal management of this pandemic has put before us, we further expand our struggle and do not give up. Instead of surrendering to the criminalization of our struggles perpetrated by our governments, we strengthen our global interconnectedness, as demonstrated by the organization of the 35th Plurinational Meeting of Women and Dissidents in Latin America, the creation of E.A.S.T. (Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational) in Europe and beyond to connect struggles against the devaluation of productive and reproductive labor of women and migrants, transnational solidarity with the Polish women’s strike and the Argentine sisters’ victory for the legalization of abortion, and the strengthening of this space of Transfrontier Feminists that in its first public assembly on February 7 was expanded and strengthened.

In a historical moment in which our productive and reproductive work is more intense, exploited and devalued than ever, and in which patriarchal, gender, capitalist and racist violence attacks us with more force, we feel the urgency to reinforce the importance of the global feminist strike process, which is considered as a collective process of articulation, politicization, great convergence, expansion, intervention of the oppressive normality.

For all these reasons, we ask everyone to interrupt all kinds of work, productive and reproductive, to recover visibility everywhere, especially those that have historically been denied to us and that the pandemic has led us to the global feminist strike of 8M and beyond to continue to weave collectively and in a transfrontier way, our rebellion.

On your feet, those who fight!

Transfrontier Feminists