Gabriel Boric leads in presidential preference and positive image, followed by Sebastián Sichel

Via El Desconcierto

Criteria Research released the results of their latest poll, in which they review the country’s presidential preferences for the November elections, which are led by Apruebo Dignidad’s presidential candidate, Gabriel Boric (CS).

On Thursday the results of the Criteria Research poll for August were released, in which Apruebo Dignidad presidential nomination holder Gabriel Boric (CS) leads the preferences with 25%.

He is followed by the presidential candidate of the Chile Podemos Más pact, Sebastián Sichel, with 19%, a drop of 6 percentage points compared to the previous poll.

Further back, in third place, is the New Social Pact candidate, Yasna Provoste (DC), with 11%, up one point from the previous poll. She is followed by Republican Party standard-bearer Jose Antonio Kast, who also adds another point, scoring 8%.

Behind the far-right politician is presidential candidate Franco Parisi, who has 6% of preferences, up three percentage points since the last poll.

As for the knowledge and image of the presidential candidates, with the exception of Eduardo Artés, the candidates for the first round have more than 80% knowledge. The list is headed by Boric with 93% and Artés with 45%.

The positive image of the candidates is headed by Gabriel Boric, although he has dropped 2 points (38% good and very good image). He is followed by Sebastián Sichel with 31%, 7 points less than in the previous survey.

In turn, Provoste, Parisi and José Antonio Kast maintained the same figures as the previous month, 23%, 20% and 17%, respectively. Marco Enríquez-Ominami closes the table with 15% and Eduardo Artés with 14%.

According to Criteria, President Sebastián Piñera began September with an approval rating of 16% of the population, which is one percentage point higher than a month ago.

Disapproval of Piñera and the government

Meanwhile, his disapproval rate is 73%, two points lower than in the previous poll. His government, meanwhile, has a 17% approval rate and a 72% disapproval rate.

Regarding the perception of the economy, 12-month expectations are improving significantly, reaching the best indicator since the social unrest. Twenty-nine percent project a better economic situation in 12 months, compared to 14% who see it as worse, and 57% who believe it will remain the same.

On the other hand, the survey revealed that for the third month in a row the country’s current economic situation is viewed less negatively than in the previous month.

While the percentage of people who consider the situation good did not increase significantly, those who consider it bad dropped to 30% (33% the previous month). Finally, although slightly, the positive perception of the country’s direction improved.