The beginning of 2021 brought with it the worsening of the health crisis in the country. A “Second Wave”, with a mutated virus, much more contagious and lethal than the previous one, has been spreading death and desolation, mainly in the most vulnerable sectors of the population. Reports are dramatic, the number of infected and deaths is increasing at a dizzying rate. Hospitals and health centers have collapsed, there are no ICU beds. Health workers, doctors and nurses are exhausted and there are not enough replacement personnel and not enough biosecurity equipment. There are long lines of empty balloons on the streets, with people sleeping next to them, waiting to get the oxygen on which the life of a loved one depends, and the clinics, laboratories and pharmacies are back in business, supply and demand, i.e. the free market is once again imposing itself on the lives of the sick.

It seems that we are in a much more serious and critical moment than in March, April of last year. During these eleven months that the “First Wave” lasted, neither the Executive nor the Legislative have learned anything, they did not plan or take preventive measures to lessen the impact of the “Second Wave”, in spite of the fact that other European countries were already talking about it, that is why the problems of the “First Wave” are now dramatically recreated in the “Second Wave” and apparently with no way out in the short term.

The government has just announced a series of measures, among them the targeted quarantine and the restriction of people’s mobility. However these measures must be complemented with:

✅Bono and universal oxygen, because without these measures the quarantine means abandoning millions of informal Peruvians and destining them to starvation.

✅Tax on large fortunes.

✅Price control of medicines.

✅No to speculation. Life first.

✅Public pharmacy chain.

✅Vaccines must be administered by the State. No to commodification.

✅Assume control of private clinics.

✅Universal and Free Health Care. It will only be possible with a new Constitution.

✅We are facing an extremely dramatic situation so we urge men and women to maximize their security measures.


The electoral campaign is another component of the political conjuncture. It is taking place with all the limitations imposed by the health crisis. Of the 16 candidacies, 4 are, for the moment, the ones that are taking shape, 3 from the right and the one from JP with Veronica who is in 2nd place and with good prospects. The fujimorist candidate (Keiko) announces that she will take a hard hand against the Left and those who propose a new Constitution. She seeks to delimit fields and recover the support of the Confiep and the businessmen, from whom in past elections she received a lot of money presenting herself as the hard line candidate, while George Forsyth, Julio Guzman or De Soto do not guarantee the labor peace and stability required by the power groups to ensure their business and privileges.

In this context, our candidates (NP) with Veronika at the head, must radicalize the discourse by presenting fundamental solutions, which must be linked to the need for a new Constitution. There is a lot at stake: neoliberal continuity or fundamental changes. This is our opportunity and in this battle there is no middle ground, there must be no half measures, that would weaken us. The country cannot and should not continue in the hands of corrupt businessmen.

It is up to NEW PERU and in particular to comrade Veronica, to assume the challenge of leading the path of change that the country demands with serious and objective proposals aimed at solving the political and social problems; with a clear orientation to rescue our sovereignty and independence and to be the guarantor of the freedoms and rights of our people, plundered by the corrupt right wing and country sellers, and their nefarious neoliberal and privatist economic model that has only brought hunger, misery, unemployment and social backwardness.

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