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The defeated candidate of Apruebo Dignidad called on all adherents of his coalition to take care of this alliance and leave rivalries behind.

The mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue (CP), acknowledged the “blunt and clear triumph” of the Broad Front (Frente Ampla) candidate, Gabriel Boric, who won this Sunday’s primary elections within the Apruebo Dignidad pact, with a view to the presidential primaries in November.

He also expressed his commitment to work for Gabriel Boric’s triumph in the November presidential elections.

He also made a sort of “mea culpa” regarding the result that led to the CP’s defeat in the primaries. “I want to be extremely clear, it’s not that the Concertación came out to vote in our primary, it’s not that the right wing came out to vote in our primary,” he said.

In this regard, he emphasized that it is “our own weaknesses, because until just six months ago, those of us who are here treated each other as adversaries and were not united.”

“We came late, this unity came late, and if it weren’t for the independents, this campaign would not be here. So what I want to propose is that for the challenges ahead, including the presidential battle in November, where I really hope Gabriel Boric will be the President of Chile, instead of fighting among ourselves … let’s put them aside and start building unity among the people,” he argued.

“I want to ask them to go home with tremendous success, we have succeeded in sitting at a political table that represents all of us and that is a unity that we must take care of and that we must project into the future,” he added.

He also urged to work with this unity “without a doubt, without pause, so that our Apruebo Dignidad alliance will be the next government of Chile (…) without the neoliberal model and without a second right-wing government, because nobody wants a second right-wing government or to return to the times of the Concertación,” he concluded.

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