Brazil is holding today another national date of protest for Out Bolsonaro. The #24J happens in more than 426 cities, from North to South of the country, being much larger than its capitals. And it is also the date with the largest number of international mobilizations. Brazil has already woken up seeing the mobilizations in Nagoya, Japan, Vienna, Austria, and Berlin, Germany. This is also the result of the PSOL mobilization work, which through the International Relations Secretariat prepared a Manifesto, as part of the international mobilization effort, to collect signatures of organizations that build with us the demonstrations of Out Bolsonaro in several countries of the Globe.

Each week, taking to the streets to impeach Bolsonaro becomes a more urgent agenda. This week we saw once again the coup threats from part of the government, which threaten Brazilian democracy by putting in jeopardy the possibility of holding the next elections. And the only way to stop a coup is with people in the streets demanding their rights.

Today’s scenes of streets crowded with people demanding impeachment, vaccines, emergency aid, and the right to life are the spirit of our struggles in Brazil. Everyone to the streets in #24JForaBolsonaro.

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