Last Saturday (17/07), more than 50 comrades from Brazil and other 16 countries met virtually with leaders and militants of the PSOL to discuss the international situation and plan concrete measures to confront the Bolsonaro government, especially for the mobilizations on July 24.

The meeting was called by the International Relations Secretariat of PSOL and was attended by several Latin American countries, such as Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico, from the USA, Europe and Africa (with participations from Angola and Green Cape), besides Brazilians living abroad. The debate opened with greetings from party leaders and was followed by interventions reflecting the possibilities of the new moment of international struggles and the risks presented by the extreme right-wing in its various international expressions.

At the end, it was reaffirmed the call for demonstrations on the 24th in the countries represented, joining the mobilizations against Bolsonaro that will take place in Brazil. In addition, a new international manifesto for Out Bolsonaro was submitted, to be built as part of this international mobilization effort.

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