The legacy of 30 years of governments subservient to the power groups has resulted in a multi-crisis that is affecting the majority of the population, and a month and a half after Pedro Castillo took office, there is a brutal offensive by a sector of the authoritarian political class that only thinks and acts in defense of its own interests and turns its back on the Peruvian people.

Even so, the “New Peru”, as part of the coalition government, is making its contribution to the service of change, carrying out measures to respond to the health emergency, in economic reactivation and job creation, the 2022 budget will have an increase of 6% more, something that previous governments never did.

But even this contribution is insufficient, what is needed are structural and fundamental changes that can only be made through a democratic, popular, plurinational and parity-based Constituent Assembly, in this way we will be able to design new rules and recover our sovereignty and Peru for the majorities.

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