Via Súmate

Today, Friday October 1st, we begin the debates of our II National Congress in Nuevo Peru (New Peru).

The national situation forces us to discuss strategies and tactics to advance in this process of historic change, opened from the popular triumph that Pedro Castillo achieved for the government. In the midst of this context, we will hold our II National Congress where the contributions of our leaders and militancy will collectively provide us with an orientation so that, with our intervention, New Peru will play an important role.

It will also serve to reaffirm our strategy as a party, update our program, and continue to build our organization in a plural and confluent way.

We have made a great leap in recent years, we have reached 30,000 members, and we must continue to grow in this way, strengthen an alternative to confront the power groups and their neoliberal model, in the international sphere continue to seek links with similar organizations to fight against the capitalist system, and carry forward our second independence as a continental gesture.

In this sense, our organization has great challenges and objectives as part of this process. One of them is to achieve the referendum for a democratic, popular, plurinational Constituent Assembly with parity for structural and fundamental changes, in the heat of giving answers to the immediate emergency, like continuing the pandemic vaccination, fighting for universal health, second land reform, etc.

Unity in the struggle is more key than ever to close the way to authoritarian pro-fascist exits that are obstructing the feeling of popular change, seeking the conditions to unseat Castillo and thus continue with 30 years of corruption, plundering our energy and natural resources, with the abuse and logic of accumulating profits only for a small sector of society that are the groups in power.

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