In the declaration of the election night, Marisa Matias left the guarantee that tomorrow she will continue “as always, with more energy than ever, for our common struggles” for a “country of solidarity”.

“The results are in sight: they are not what we expected, they are not what I expected,” assumed Marisa Matias on presidential election night, beginning by thanking “the thousands of people who were at the polling stations” this Sunday to guarantee an election with security. The final results were not yet closed at the time of the declaration, but were already enough to have congratulated the winner, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, and called Ana Gomes to say that “I like to see her forthrightness and solidarity above the cheating and hatred of André Ventura”.

In a first analysis of the result of these elections, Marisa highlighted a “worrying” fact: “The right is in reconfiguration and many of the country’s right-wing voters voted for an extreme-right candidate”.

To her voters, Marisa left the assurance that “here I am, as always, with more energy than ever for our common struggles”. “I gave the best of myself in this fight,” Marisa continued, emphasizing that “this result is not a lack of attendance: today as yesterday, tomorrow as today, I will be here for all the fights, to win and to lose, as I have always done and as all my people do,” before thanking all the messages of support she has received.

“They know that I’ve always been there and they know that they still count on me every day”.

“We want a country of solidarity, that is our task. We want a country of solidarity that is united by the NHS and its professionals, our greatest weapon against the pandemic,” or to “defend democracy, as so many Portuguese have done today”.

“We want and need a country of solidarity that does not accept crisis and division as a policy. It will have to respect those who live off their work and fight against precariousness, giving back hope to the younger generations, who have been the most sacrificed in every crisis,” Marisa continued.

“A decent country is one where equality is not a dead letter, but concrete. Let no one feel excluded by their skin color or sexual orientation. May no woman feel minorized,” defended Marisa Matias, leaving the guarantee that “beyond the election, there remains a deep commitment with every woman, every girl, every man too, that the fight for equality and the end of violence against women will continue.

“They know that I have always been present and they know that they continue to count on me every day,” concluded the candidate supported by the Left Block.

Asked by journalists about the existence of several candidacies on the left, Marisa answered that the results show that they added votes. “If any of the candidacies from the left had disappeared, the left would have added less. If the question is why the left didn’t add more in this election, that question will have to be asked to the PS and not to me,” concluded Marisa Matias.

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