Via Aporrea

On Monday, the vice-president of the parliamentary group “DIE LINKE”, Heike Hänsel, said through a statement that ” Having in mind the preliminary investigation report of the UN special rapporteur Alena Douhan, according to which the sanctions imposed also by the EU have clearly and seriously aggravated the humanitarian and economic situation in Venezuela, and affect the entire population, the new EU sanctions against Venezuela are irresponsible,” on the occasion of today’s meeting of EU foreign ministers.

In the text, the foreign policy expert commented that the freezing and blocking of state funds in European banks, in violation of international law, as practiced by Portugal, as well as Britain and the United States, also contributes to the shortage of food and medical supplies in Venezuela, according to the UN report. In addition, since sanctions against Venezuela began in 2014, government revenue has dropped 99 percent.

He acknowledged that instead of continuing to pursue a policy of regime change in Venezuela, sanctions should be ended and a political solution actively promoted. Especially in view of the dramatic situation in the health sector due to the pandemic, “it is high time that the German federal government advocates an end to the sanctions policy against Venezuela, as the United Nations has repeatedly demanded,” he insisted.

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