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33 constituents have presented themselves as spokespersons for an articulated political space to confront together and unite the ongoing constituent process. To that purpose, on Tuesday they expressed six essential points to begin the deliberation of the constituent power they represent. The vocería (vocery) is open to adding new constituents to their articulation.

The press conference featured all constituents responding to questions from the participating press, in a horizontal perspective and generating a new exercise in political definition. The vocería is articulated from movements and organizations that have been working for a long time and not only by the electoral circumstance.

The large group of constituents includes representatives from the people’s list, assembly lists, and independent movements and original peoples, the force they represent seeks to give a voice to communities from all over the country, presenting themselves in opposition to the regulations and guidelines that the government intends to impose on the convention for its work and functioning, calling on the popular sectors to actively participate in the process.

An important issue has to do with the incorporation of the ILO Convention 169 on original peoples, this is necessary to work it within the process that will give life to the new fundamental charter, where the constituents of the vocería are open to this incorporation as a backdrop for the construction of a plurinational state.

As a previous element to the articulation of the vocería is the Environment Day declaration, with 34 signatory constituents, which lays the groundwork for an ecological constitution and which is endorsed in the declaration released today.

When asked about the creation of the commissions, the group of constituents points out that they do not want them to be articulated around experts, but to be expressive of diversity, with elements that incorporate plurinationality and that, fundamentally, respond to the deliberation of the grassroots communities, so they are proposed from decentralization to work on the content of the new constitution.

The new grouping points out that it is important that organizations and people in general continue mobilizing, emphasizing that – given that the mobilized people are the precursors of this process – they should not withdraw from the work of the Constitutional Convention.

Finally, the six points that are set out as the public declaration of the new political space are related to demanding an end to the political imprisonment resulting from the Estallido Social; truth and justice for yesterday’s and today’s crimes by State terrorism; reparation for human rights violations, including political sexual violence; demilitarization of Wallmapu to make way for a plurinational State; ending illegal expulsions of the migrant population; and safeguarding the sovereignty of the constituent power without imposing limits beyond respect for fundamental rights, rejecting the urgency of the TPP-11 project.

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