July 3 marks another day of protests against Bolsonaro, in Brazil and around the world. The polemics of the last week have made it even more urgent to occupy the streets against his genocidal policy. The accusation of overbilling in the purchase of Covaxin vaccines shows that the government’s denialist project was a theater, while behind the scenes it was profiting from the death of more than half a million Brazilians.

It is necessary to act. The PSOL was part of the super impeachment request, filed last Wednesday (30), which was agitated by broad sectors, such as parliamentarians from the left, center-left and right, social movements and several political parties. In the extensive list of crimes listed in the request, there are crimes against the existence of the Union, crimes against internal security, crimes against the fulfillment of judicial decisions, crimes against the safekeeping and legal employment of public money, and many others.

International solidarity is indispensable in this process. Bolsonaro’s policies affect not only Brazil, but the whole world, with his destruction of the Brazilian fauna and flora, putting at risk the existence of the Amazon; his bilateral agreements with some countries of the European Union, supplying unregulated raw products, among others.

And once again, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets and demanded Bolsonaro’s urgent impeachment. While he continues without responding to the accusations about the overbilling in the purchase of Covaxin, the mobilization for his exit only increases.
This morning, Brazil awoke to images of support from Oxford, England, Vienna, Austria, and Cork, Ireland. With signs against Bolsonaro’s genocidal policy, the acts around the world will continue during the rest of the day, with demonstrations already scheduled in several cities.

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