Manifestantes protestam contra Bolsonaro em Brasília

The International Relations Secretary of the PSOL invites comrades and friendly organizations to our International Meeting in Solidarity with Fora Bolsonaro, which will be held on July 17th as part of the effort to build the Fora Bolsonaro acts in several cities around the world on July 24th. In continuity with the international preparatory meeting that took place last December, we call again on our partners around the world, as well as Brazilians abroad, to organize the struggle against the genocidal and corrupt government of Brazil and continue the unity in the international struggle against the extreme right.

Day 17/07 (Saturday)

1pm from Brazil

6pm (Madrid, Paris)
5pm (Lisbon, London)
1pm (Brasilia, Buenos Aires)
12pm (New York, Caracas, La Paz, Santiago)
11am (Mexico City, Quito, Lima)

Registration by e-mail observatoriointernacionalpsol@gmail.com or by phone (WhatsApp) +55 11 970731287

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