Pontal do Paranapanema, São Paulo

Completing the first month of resistance, occupation in Pontal do Paranapanema inspires the struggle for agrarian reform in Rosana and Euclides da Cunha Paulista. The Miriam Farias camp, installed in the western region of the state of São Paulo won an important legal victory for the more than 900 families that have occupied the area since June 12.

Through the contestation of a repossession order of the occupied lands, the National Struggle Front (FNL) together with the team of lawyers Rodrigo Chizolini and Raul Marcelo, and the Public Defender’s Office, with lawyer Alan Ferreira, won in court the suspension of the previous order of repossession. Therefore, the hundreds of families

who occupied the land considered public in the region of Sandovalina will be able to continue to guarantee the social function of this rural area. The strengthening of the Miriam Farias camp, coordinated by the National Front of Struggle Countryside and City in Pontal do Paranapanema, has encouraged the self-organization of hundreds of families in search of land and work in municipalities near Sandovalina. This weekend, an open assembly gathered more than 400 families in the city of Rosana. In Euclides da Cunha Paulista, there will also be a meeting of the movement, which is expecting to gather more than 800 homeless families.

The FNL’s coordinator, Zé Rainha, personally follows the assemblies in the region and highlights the growing spirit among the communities, which are inspired by the victorious occupation of Pontal do Paranapanema, which is completing one month of resistance.

– Times are changing, we can see that the uprising is not far from the horizon. The senzala will not return to the Casa Grande. Agrarian reform is urgent and will not wait for any election. We are occupying to resist and survive. Overthrowing the Bolsonaro government is removing a major obstacle to the resumption of agrarian reform in Brazil, and this is also our struggle,” said Zé Rainha.

Brasília, Federal District

FNL and social movements build popular camp in the Federal District on national day of struggles for Bolsonaro’s impeachment. The National Front of Countryside and City Struggles (FNL), together with social movements, union entities and parties, coordinated in the early hours of this Tuesday (13) the organization of eight camps of the Federal District Popular Assembly, near the Ulisses Guimarães Convention Center. The more than 2,000 activists who built the eight campsites today participated in the political act of the Out Bolsonaro campaign in the late afternoon, ending the national day of protests for the impeachment of President Bolsonaro, the 13J.

The construction of the popular camp together with other social movements is part of the new stage of mobilization of the FNL in the region of the Federal District, which began back in April with a large political act that took more than 500 people to the streets to say no to the corrupt and genocidal government.

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais

FNL and social movements organize a picket line in Minas Gerais for Bolsonaro’s impeachment

On Thursday morning, July 15th, the FNL together with Juntos! and other social movements organized a picket line on BR 365 near the city of Jequitaí/MG. They demanded land for the rural people, in the struggle against the latifundium and for a deep agrarian reform in our country. On this day that the youth group Juntos! celebrates 10 years, the unity in the struggle shows that even in a difficult situation it is possible, necessary and urgent to build fights in the streets to defend our rights and overthrow Bolsonaro. Therefore, next July 24th there will be a new day of struggles for “Out Bolsonaro”, in which we must increasingly expand the mobilization, in defense of our rights and our lives.

Nathália Bittencurt, with the collaboration of João Berkson and Raphael Seixo.

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