Via Revista Movimento

The political office of the federal deputy Vivi Reis (PSOL-PA) was invaded and vandalized in the early hours of this Saturday (18). This is the second time that the office, located on Rui Barbosa street, was broken into. The first time it was thought to be a common crime, but the characteristics of this second invasion raised the alarm.

The attack was concentrated on the second floor of the political space, where the deputy’s office and a meeting room are located. Both the office and the meeting room were completely overturned and broken, including the bathrooms, which had their sanitary ware broken. The only valuables taken by the criminals was a notebook. Other equipment, such as a printer, was left behind.

The federal deputy registered an incident on Saturday morning at the São Brás Regional Police Station. “This is not the first time that our office has been attacked and the characteristics of the crime raise the hypothesis of a political action to try to intimidate us. It is necessary that the Public Security System rigorously investigates the reasons for the break-in,” says Vivi Reis.

We are social movements, organizations, unions and student entities that demand answers, because it is unacceptable that this episode of violence goes unnoticed and unpunished by the authorities. All strength to the deputy, her team and all those who share the same sense of justice.

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